Using Pages

Creating a New Page

Pages are the main content of your website. Creating a new page will also automatically add it to the navigation on your site. Pages only require a title, a name (or slug) and content.

Field Descriptions

Below you can find the descriptions of all the fields for creating a Page.

Basic Tab

The title of your Page. This title is used in the navigation and in the title tag if you don’t specify one in the SEO section.
The name field is used to determine the path to your Page. For instance, if your pages parent is the root, then a name of “about” would create a page located at /about. If you were to add a page whose parent was the “about” page you just created named “about-the-team” your page would be located at /about/meet-the-team. This field requires you to only use letters, numbers, underscores _, and hyphens -.
This field helps structure your content into a tree. If you want your page to show up directly in the navigation, set your parent to “Root”. If you try to set the parent of your page to itself, or something already in its lineage you will receive an error as this would create a loop.
Page Heading
The contents of this field will show up at the top of your page typically in an h1 tag.
Unchecking this field will prevent it from showing up in your navigation.

Template Tab

There is only one field available on the template tab. Changing the template will change the layout of your page. If you would like to include Widgets on your page then maybe choosing a template with a sidebar would be useful. The default is the “base” template and should be used unless you have special design considerations.


The SEO tab is for adding meta tags to your page.

This will change the text that is rendered in the title tag
Meta Description - What shows up in the description area for most search engines
Meta Keywords
Whether search engines should index this page
Whether search engines should follow links from your page
Unchecking this box will prevent it from showing up in sitemap.xml

Summary Tab

The summary tab contains a field for the summary of your Page. This is not always used and is not required. This filed can be used inside of other Widgets that show a listing of pages. A typical use is for something like a “Services” page which has a brief description of all of your services and then a full description when you go to the page.

Content Tab

The Content tab is home to the main content of your page. This is the most typical field you will have to change.

Deleting a Page

Deleting a Page is fairly simple. Just navigation to Content > List Pages, click on the Page you would like to delete then click the Delete Page button. You will be prompted to confirm your action before the Page is deleted.

Remember that you can always uncheck the `display` field for your Page so that it won’t appear in your navigation.